Prevention and Management of Harassment in the Workplace


The law puts the onus on the Employer to provide a harassment free workplace. Pearlman Iddon Associates can provide training to your management group or, ideally, joint training with your union or employee representatives. This program can be modified, depending upon the goals of the participants.

In a two to three hour session, we provide practical information to management, supervisory and bargaining unit staff that:

  • defines harassment (personal, sexual, etc) in terms that are easily understood,
  • ensures that participants understand what is and is not appropriate in this area,
  • explains the Union, Employer and Employees’ obligations regarding harassment in the workplace,
  • reviews the complaint process and applicable policies
  • ensures that everyone understands the consequences a valid charge can have on someone to have harssed other in the workplace
  • Group work that applies harassment concepts to real life cases.


Presented by Dan Pearlman this program is normally presented only when there is a joint Employer and Union request for training.

NOTE: For information on presenting this program on an in-house basis, please contact us.